Born in the deep desert after his mother was accused of being possessed and chased out of her town,

After his mother died during the birth Wangho was left in the pitch black and freezing night where he was cared for by wild beast's until he was found by local Indian hunters, taught by both savage nature and the wild peoples of the plains Wangho became a predator living to hunt and kill his survival the only concern.

In later life he traveled with Gabriel learning from him the use of Heavy Weapons and explosives, but then Gabriel joined the Cabal and it's structured life was unacceptable for Wangho.

For the next few years he wandered living off what ever or who ever was available until a calling that had gnawed at him all his life finally became a demand and he found himself standing in a small town somewhere deep in the desert.

The Deserted town was his home the home he'd never known but had always 'Felt' was there somewhere waiting to be found,

as if in a trance he followed a path from which he could not turn to a dark and foreboding crack in the earth, making his was down the twisting and broken passageways he began to see evidence that people had been here, shaped and carved rock, strange symbols and heavy stone doorways.

Within that darkness Wangho discovered his birth right, discovered that the villagers of years ago had been right.

And now he has found his full potential, more savage than a lion more cunning than a spider Wangho the hunter is born again but this time it is not a human birth........        


An Acolyte of the order of the Beast RedFanatic had served his sect for years, sacrificing and praying to his evil master.

As he rose through the ranks he often heard of the great reward for service that lay at then end of a long road of pain and loyalty, Though daunting this was his goal.

But as he progressed rumors filtered down the order as to the nature of 'True Devotion'. Questions gnawed at hi mind. What where the strange inhuman noises coming from the Forbidden halls? Why was physical fitness so important? and perhaps most importantly What IS the Beast.

With the destruction of the Cabal things became more tense and a pressure was felt within the Temple to speed up the complicated traditions and processes required, all felt that it was only a matter of time before the Heretic Caleb would arrive and with the relative size of the Cabal to the Order everyone knew only by bringing the Beast through into the Human plain would they stand a chance of survival. 

But as night after restless night passed RF could take it no longer and during the darkest of nights slipped from his room and entered the Forbidden Halls, Within he was greeted by true Horror's the twisted forms of previous Acolytes some still clinging to a shred of miserable life others preserved in huge tubs of formaldehyde. But beyond this he found the 'Tapestry' a terrible text made of the skins of the devoted and handed down for decades. It told of the meaning of 'True Devotion' the becoming of a vessel for the Beast, the loss of all mind and body and the torment of utter dominance by demonic forces.

Trapped and already infected by the terrible powers of demon spawn RF was only saved by the arrival of Caleb, with only one day to spare before his 'Ascendance', Now freed from his fate by the death of the Beast at the hands of Caleb but twisted and mutated from his 'Training' RF wanders the dark and evil corners of the world exacting his revenge on all Demon kind and their worshippers. 


Noone worked as a trainer for the Cabal in fact he was the master trainer of hundreds of Fanatics.

The facility he ran was a gigantic underground base hidden deep from prying eyes, it was large enough to support over a thousand residents and it’s corridors and rooms stretched for miles.


When the dark revenge of Caleb came burning it’s was through the Cabal the Facility was fully manned and in lock down for its own protection.

Unfortunately the massive power plant on the surface that ran the base was less well hidden and on his was to put Cerberus down Caleb destroyed it, plunging the base into darkness.


With no power and few functioning batteries all systems quickly failed, lights, doors, air, water.

Those that were trapped would have to wait for rescue.

But with the chaos during the aftermath of Caleb the secret location of the base was lost and with so few surviving members of the Cabal it was likely to stay that way.

It was a full year before the remnants of the shattered Cabal were strong enough to start collecting information about their previous infrastructure, and eventually they cleared the collapsed tunnel to the base.


The massive doors were still sealed shut and it took days of work to cut them open, finally the doors slid open and the Cultist workers stared uneasily into the deep darkness.

Only one man walked out of that abyss and quickly there after it was resealed and forgotten.

It was never fully understood just how he’d managed to survive down there but when the tale was told thereafter they would say ‘Noone survived’ and the nick name stuck.


NoOne left the Cabal remnants soon after his escape and now designs and sells weapons and machines of war to anyone who’ll buy.

He’s cold unpredictable and fiercely intelligent and loves nothing more than to be Alone in the Dark.