An Addon By WanghoRedFanatic

Episode One:

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A Dark desolate back alley where the waste from (and of) humanity mix and become one. The low cardboard and scrap hovels of the faceless unknown dotted here and there lit by the dull red glow of braziers keeping out the deadening cold,

In one of the waiting tombs, set apart from the others and left dark a hunched figure sits his face hidden beneath a wide brim pulled low,

“A Hundred, two Hundred? Maybe more…….” Tilting back his head he takes a long swig of Jack Daniels the burning pain slowly pouring down his throat reminding him that he’s still alive,

“Ophelia how longs it been?…..when I first saw you huddled in that burnt ruin….so long ago….so faded.”

His Blood red eyes glowing softly in the grey darkness Caleb stares off into the distance as if trying to see the faded past, 

"And then the Cabal…..must have taken at least forty years to carve my path to the top…perhaps more? So long to reach….so quick to fall hmmm then back…back to this! Rotting mass, this vessel….but it has served well because they took you, they took you made you mortal and……..and…they Died!!”

“Only a few months maybe…and they ALL died hehehe……but then when there where no more not even him…” He takes another long hit from the bottle,

“Must be close to seventy years since then…….hmmmm long enough.”

Caleb lifts him self up grabbing his trusty old sawn off, the sound of gun fire echo’s around the city “looks like the whole world is dieing infected by the cancer of the Cabal….to hell with em, I need a car”


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Episode Two: Part 1

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Episode Two: Part 2

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